10/1/2018 Irish Wolfhound Deerhound "Vintage Engraving Repro"
Afghan Hound "Elegant Head Study" Limited Edition Print
Afghan Hound "Wind Hound Pair" Limited Edition Print
Afghan Hound "Wind Runner"
Airedale Terrier "Blackjack"
Airedale Terrier "Field Pair"
Airedale Terrier "Love My Teddies"
Airedale Terrier "Puppies On A Blanket" Limited Edition Print
Airedale Terrier "Pups on a Blanket"
Airedale Terrier "Rose"
Airedale Terrier "So Sayeth"
Airedale Terrier "So Sayeth" Limited Edition Print
Alaskan Malamute "Pups and Head Study" Limited Edition Print
Alaskan Malamute Art
American Cocker Spaniel "Black and Tan"
American Cocker Spaniel "So Sayeth" Limited Edition Print
American Cocker Spaniel "Three Varieties"
American Cocker Spaniel Art "Ascob Portrait"
American Cocker Spaniel Art "Buff Pair"
American Staffordshire Terrier "Group"
Australian Cattle Dog "Agility"
Australian Cattle Dog "Head Study"
Australian Cattle Dog "Herding"
Australian Cattle Dog "I Can Change a Twenty"
Australian Cattle Dog "Puppy on A Saddle"
Australian Cattle Dog "Puppy with Bone"
Australian Cattle Dog "Puppy with Daisies"
Australian Cattle Dog "Red Sleeping"
Australian Cattle Dog "Running"
Australian Cattle Dog "So Sayeth"
Australian Cattle Dog "Standing Pretty"
Australian Cattle Dog Club of America National Specialty
Australian Cattle Dog Ready for a Nap
Australian Shepherd "Puppy"
Basenji "Puppy Nap" Limited Edition Print
Basenji "Puppy Play Day" Limited Edition Print
Basenji "Sniff" Limited Edition Print
Basenji "The Lazy Day" Limited Edition Print
Basenji Club of America National Specialty
Basset Hound "Head Study" Limited Edition Print
Basset Hound "Puppy Sitting" Limited Edition Print
Bearded Collie "Ready for a Nap"
Bedlington Terrier "Standing"
Belgian Tervuren "Puppy and Teddy"
Belgian Tervuren "Windy Day"
Bernese Mountain Dog "Adult Head Studies"
Bernese Mountain Dog "Eyes of Trust" Limited Edition Print
Bernese Mountain Dog "Five Little Guys in a Box" Limited Edition Print
Bernese Mountain Dog "Bright Eyes" Limited Edition Print
Bernese Mountain Dog "Puppies and Blue"
Bernese Mountain Dog "Puppies in Clover"
Bernese Mountain Dog "Puppy and Poppies"
Bernese Mountain Dog "Wild Flowers"
Bernese Mountain Dog Painting on Mauve
Bernese Mountain Dog Pair, Art Print
Bernese Mountain Dog Pup Bright Eyes
Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy and Poppies
Bernese Mountain Dog, Puppies in Clover
Bernese Mountain Dog, Pups in a Box
Bernese Mountain Dog, Two Pups on Blue
Bernese Mountain Dog, Wildflowers
Bernese Mountain Dogs "Puppies and Bows"
Bernese Mountain Puppies and Bows
Bichon Frise "Mom and Pup"
Bichon Frise "Bichon with Flowers"
Bichon Frise "Composite"
Bichon Frise "Isn't My Baby Cute?"
Bichon Frise "Puppy and Apple" Limited Edition Print
Bichon Frise "Puppy and Rose" Limited Edition Print
Bichon Frise "Puppy and Toy Rabbit" Limited Edition Print
Bichon Frise "Puppy Standing"
Bichon Frise "Sitting" Limited Edition Print
Bichon Frise "So Sayeth"
Bichon Frise Club of Greater New York
Bloodhound "Babies" Limited Edition Print
Bloodhound "Love My Chewies" Limited Edition Print
Bloodhound "Puppy on the Fence"
Bloodhound "Puppy Sit and Stay" Limited Edition Print
Bloodhound - Little Artists
Bloodhound Trio
Border Terrier "Head Study"
Border Terrier "On The Blanket"
Border Terrier Club of America
Borzoi "Black and White Moving Dog"
Borzoi "In The Snow"
Borzoi "Love my Teddy"
Borzoi "Pair In The Snow"
Borzoi "Ready for a Nap"
Bouvier de Flandres "Gentleman Grey"
Bouvier de Flandres "Mom and Pup"
Bouvier de Flandres "Puppies"
Bouvier de Flandres "Puppy Stretching"
Bouvier de Flandres "So Sayeth"
Bouvier de Flandres "Specialty Pair"
Briard "Group of Four"
Brittany Spaniel "Trio"
Bull Mastiff, Puppy Pair
Bull Mastiff, Sleeping
Bull Terrier 'Standing Dog'
Bullmastiff "Puppies"
Bullmastiff "Sleeping"
Cairn Terrier "Looking Back"
Cairn Terrier "Red Highland Cairn"
Cairn Terrier "Sitting Pretty"
Cairn Terrier "So Sayeth"
Carl Brenders - Full House Fox Family
Charles Frace "Powerful Presence"
Chesapeake Bay Retriever With Pheasant
Chesapeake Bay Retriever - With Her Bumper
Chesapeake Bay Retriever Brown Boy With Bumper
Chesapeake Bay Retriever With Duck
Chinese Crested "Powderpuff and Hairless"
Chinese Crested "Sitting Pretty"
Chow Chow "Head Study"
Collie "Head Study"
Collie Puppy Art Print
Custom Pen and Ink drawing
Custom Portrait Acrylic, Your Dog 11"x14"
Custom Portrait Watercolor sizes 12"x16" to 14"x28"
Custom Portrait You and Your Dog 16"x20"
Custom Portraits
Custom Watercolor Painting 24"x28"
Dalmatian "I Can Change A Twenty"
Dalmatian "Liver"
Dalmatian "Puppy and Rabbit"
Dalmatian "Puppy Pair"
Dalmatian "Sleeping"
Dandie Dinmont Terrier "Showing Off"
Deposit for custom Art work - non refundable
Doberman Pincher, I Can Change a Twenty
Doberman Pincher, Pups and Dandelions
Doberman Pincher, Team
Doberman Pincher, Teddy Trouble
Doberman Pincher, Three Grouping
Doberman Pinscher "Dandelion Fantasy"
Doberman Pinscher "Doberman Team"
Doberman Pinscher "I Can Change a Twenty"
Doberman Pinscher "Teddy Bear Troubles"
Doberman Pinscher "The Guardians"
Doberman Pinscher "The Sentinels"
English Cocker Spaniel "Two Roan"
English Setter Puppy, Sitting Pretty
English Springer Spaniel "Head Studies"
Family Portrait
Fox Terrier "Wire Fox Puppies Playing"
Fox Terrier Smooth "Friendly Pair"
Fox Terrier Wire "A Little Spar"
Fox Terrier Wire "Group"
German Shepherd "Head Study"
German Shorthaired Pointer "Head Studies"
German Wirehaired Pointer "In the Field"
German Wirehaired Pointer "Rene"
Golden Retriever "Bird Watching"
Golden Retriever "By The Lake"
Golden Retriever "Head Studies"
Golden Retriever "Puppies and Teddy"
Golden Retriever "So Sayeth"
Great Dane "Blaze"
Great Dane "Fawns and Brindle" (Original Drawing)
Great Dane "Harlequin Sleeping"
Great Dane "Harliquins and Black"
Great Dane, Black
Great Dane, Harlequin looks back
Great Danes, Black and Harlequin
Great Danes, Fawns and Brindle
Great Pyrenees "Sitting"
Great Pyrenees, Sitting
Herding Group
Hound Group
Iirish Wolfhound Best Friends
Irish Setter "Autumn Afternoon"
Irish Setter "Head Study"
Irish Setter "Mom and Pup"
Irish Setter "Puppy on a Bench"
Irish Setter "So Sayeth"
Irish Setter Art Print, Pair
Irish Terrier "Family Group"
Irish Terrier "Mom and Pups"
Irish Water Spaniel " Head Studies"
Irish Water Spaniel "Puppy with Duck Decoy"
Irish Water Spaniel "Pups with Decoy"
Irish Wolfhound "Afternoon Nap"
Irish Wolfhound "Bronze by Dr. Robert B. Turner"
Irish Wolfhound "Puppies and Turtle"
Irish Wolfhound "Puppy and Teddy"
Irish Wolfhound "Puppy Pair"
Irish Wolfhound "Puppy Party"
Irish Wolfhound "Ready for a Nap"
Irish Wolfhound "Sweet Babes"
Irish Wolfhound "Watercolor Painting by Martha Van Loan"
Irish Wolfhound "Yearling"
Irish Wolfhound and Butterfly
Irish Wolfhound Art, Cuddling Up
Irish Wolfhound Baby
Irish Wolfhound Deerhound "by Sir Edward Landseer"
Irish Wolfhound Print " Puppy and Tiger Toy"
Irish Wolfhound Print - " First Snow Of The Year"
Irish Wolfhound Treasures
Irish Wolfhound with Verse
Keeshond "Puppy and Teddy"
Keeshound Composite Print
Kerry Blue Terrier "Head Study"
Labrador Retriever "Head Studies"
Large Custom Portraits of multiple dogs
Malatese "Patty Cakes"
Maltese "On The Handler's Arm"
Memorial Trophies
Miniature Pinscher "Puppy Trio"
Miniature Pinscher "Skippy"
Newfoundland, Sitting
Non Sporting Group
Norfolk and Bird
Norfolk Terrier
Norfolk Terrier "First Hunting Trip"
Norfolk Terrier "Autumn Oval"
Norfolk Terrier "Autumn Romp"
Norfolk Terrier "Bird Watching"
Norfolk Terrier "Blue Crab Encounter"
Norfolk Terrier "Forrest Romp"
Norfolk Terrier "In The Snow"
Norfolk Terrier "Lily Pond"
Norfolk Terrier "On The Bench"
Norfolk Terrier "On The Log"
Norfolk Terrier "Pair on Blue and Mauve"
Norfolk Terrier "Peanuts"
Norfolk Terrier "Pretty Girl"
Norfolk Terrier "Pup on Couch"
Norfolk Terrier "Puppy and Teddy"
Norfolk Terrier "Puppy in a Pot"
Norfolk Terrier "Red Ribbon"
Norfolk Terrier "So Sayeth"
Norfolk Terrier "Special Delivery"
Norfolk Terrier "The Frog"
Norfolk Terrier "Three Pups"
Norfolk Terrier "Under The Tree"
Norfolk Terrier Sparring
Norfolk Terrier The Blue Chair
Norwich Terrier "Group"
Norwich Terrier "Looking Back"
Norwich Terrier "Mom and Pup"
Old English Sheepdog "Lying Down"
Old English Sheepdog "Puppy"
Old English Sheepdog "Ready to Work"
Old English Sheepdog "The Garden Wall"
Original Pen & Ink Illustration Plate for Tarlach Wolfhound of Eire
Other Artists
Papillon "Pap On Mauve"
Papillon "Spring Delight"
Pekingese Puppies
Pembroke Welsh Corgi "Sitting Pretty"
Pembroke Welsh Corgi " Daisies And Butterfly"
Pembroke Welsh Corgi "Herding and Head Study"
Pembroke Welsh Corgi "Pair"
Pembroke Welsh Corgi "Puppy Pair"
Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen "Pair"
Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen "Sitting Pup"
Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen Standing Pair
Poodle - Standard "So Sayeth"
Pug "Black on Bricks"
Pug "Fawn Puppy"
Pug "Pugs And Cactus"
Pug "So Sayeth"
Pug "Standing Pug"
Rhodesian Ridgeback "African Scene"
Rhodesian Ridgeback "Puppy In The Grass"
Rhodesian Ridgeback "So Sayeth"
Rhodesian Ridgeback Pair
Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies
Rottweiler "I Can Change a Five"
Rottweiler "In The Lupins"
Rottweiler "On The Fence"
Rottweiler Pup, In the Lupins
Rottweiler Puppy, I can change a five.
Rottweilers, On the Fence
Saluki "Trio"
Saluki Art Print "Saluki on the Couch"
Samoyed "Puppy In The Snow"
Samoyed "Puppy Sitting"
Samoyed "Snow Scene Adults"
Samoyed "So Sayeth"
Samoyed "The Pair"
Samoyed Puppy in the Snow
Samoyed Puppy, Sitting Pretty Black and White
Samoyed, Pair Head Study
Samoyed, Pair in the Snow
Samoyed, So Sayeth Verse
Schipperke "Puppy and Bunny"
Schipperke and Red Roses
Schipperke Club of America
Schipperke Club of America National Specialty
Schipperke Club of America National Specialty 2015
Schipperke Puppy Pair Print
Schipperke with Mauve Roses
Schipperke with Peach Roses
Schipperke With Pink Roses
Schipperke Yellow Roses
Scottish Deerhound Mom and Pups
Scottish Deerhound Pair
Scottish Terrier "Black and White"
Scottish Terrier "So Sayeth"
Sealyham Terrier "Snowflakes"
Sealyham Terrier "The Rose"
Setters "Gordon, English and Irish"
Shar Pei "I Can Change a Twenty"
Shar Pei "Puppy Sittitng"
Shetland Sheepdog "On Mauve"
Shetland Sheepdog "So Sayeth"
Shetland Sheepdog "White Rose"
Shih Tzu "Bamboo Babe"
Shih Tzu "In the Pink"
Shih Tzu "Waiting On The Bench"
Siberian Husky "Pair"
Siberian Husky, Pair
Silkie Terrier "The Pair"
Silky Terrier "Standing Pretty"
Skye Terrier "The Pair"
small custom pencil drawing of your dog
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier "Danny"
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier "In The Snow"
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier "Lazy Day Nap"
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier "Montgomery Aire"
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier "Pups And Teddy"
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier "Standing"
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier "The Trio"
Sporting Group
Standard Schnauzer "Alert"
Standard Schnauzer "Head Studies"
Standard Schnauzer, On the Down
Standard Schnauzer, Pair
Studio Frame Package
Terrier Group
Toy Group
Vizsla " On Point with Head Study"
Vizsla "Dragon Flies"
Vizsla "Vizsla Pair"
Weimaraner "On Point"
Welsh Terrier "Cute Puppy"
Welsh Terriers "Standing Pair" Limited Edition Print
West Highland White Terrier "Cornell Dogs"
West Highland White Terrier "Group of Five"
West Highland White Terrier "Mischief Makers with Ribbons"
West Highland White Terrier "Puppy Sitting"
West Highland White Terrier "Ready For A Nap"
West Highland White Terrier "Standing In The Flowers"
West Highland White Terriers "Babies in a Basket"
Whippet "Beach Runner"
Whippet "Extension"
Whippet "Group On A Pink Blanket"
Whippet "Pair"
Whippet "Practice Run"
Whippet "Sitting Pretty"
Whippet "Sleeping Curled Up"
Whippet "Standing With Blues and Greens"
Whippet Puppy Group
Wholesale and Specialty clubs
Wolf Bronze by Robert R. Copple "Chance Reunion"
Working Group
Yellow Labrador Retriever Composit Art Print
Yorkshire Terrier "Pair On The Pillow"
Yorkshire Terrier "Yorkies and Roses"