Trophy Packages for Breed Club Awards and Auctions.

Dog Club Trophies include a package designed for Breed Club Specialties. These prints reflect the Esthetics, Character and lives of your Show Dogs.

Each Trophy Package is designed to fit the clubs budget and placements.

Once the Club representative has given us a basic budget we design a "Master" image. The Master is used to create Limited Edition Prints of various sizes and matting or framing for the High End Trophies. Then individual Limited Edition Prints are created for first place Trophies either matted or framed depending on the budget. Class placements and special class awards are created from Pen and Ink drawings and are also created into Limited Editions prints, signed and serially numbered

The original art work is available to the club for auction or Best of Breed Trophy.

We prefer to start work at least one year in advance of the show date and adhere to AKC rules and deadlines to have the Trophy Package in the hands of the Show committee before the show date. Contact the Studios for details and proposals for your club needs.

In addition to Trophy Packages we offer Specialty Logo designs in Black and White or Color to use for Premiums, shirts, bags, and a variety of Specialty materials for your big event. Realistic or Graphic Images reflecting your Specialty theme are created by hand and available on disk. Contact the Studios for details and to discuss your needs.

One of the most important projects for any Breed Club is capital for their Specialties. We have worked with many club to create an exclusive Limited Edition Print which are available to the club at 50% off the suggested retail price. Using their own membership at shows, botiques, newsletters and emails, breed clubs can sell their prints and distribute their purchases in a way that is appropriate for their club. Many Limited Editions have sold out at the National Specialty, by keeping them exclusive and in small editions they become very collectible for large clubs. We have created Edition sizes of !0 to 200 for several clubs which have been a successful fund raiser. We work with one or more club members to create an image that reflects their clubs Breed Standard so it appeals to most of their members. Contact us via Email to discuss your clubs needs.

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