Bichon Frise "Composite"

Bichon Frise "Composite"
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Bichon Frise "Composite". This is a Limited Edition Print by Martha Van Loan, signed and serially numbered. The image size of this print is 11"x14" and it will fit into a standard 16"x20" mat and Frame which we have available in our Framing section to make this a special gift. In 2005 the balance of all our full color Limited Edition prints were converted to Giclee prints due to the change in technology used to create Limited Editions. We use the finest Pigmented Inks and papers which are of Archival quality with stable colors.

Below, click our link. We have a variety of gift using images from Van Loan Studios. These are fun to wear items for yourself and gifts for friends and family. For show folks, now is a great time to get ready for the specialties or awards at your all breed shows.